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A new ultra-bright display, new graphics for lap time display and a Wi-Fi module for wireless data download.

The Start Next is the only chronometer in the world that use a GPS receiver with a sampling rate of 50Hz guaranteeing accuracy of lap times to one hundredth of a second and precision visualization of GPS trajectories which no other chronometer commercially available on the market today is capable of offering.

The new Start Next device uses a touch screen display with “Glove Sensitive” technology, allowing the rider to use the device even while wearing gloves, whilst the icon menu makes navigation easy and intuitive. Thanks to automatic detection and a global database, the circuit will be automatically detected by the chronometer without the need to press any key.

Start Next memorizes GPS trajectories, speed, the direction, acceleration and lean angle thereby allowing riders to study and analyse their performance on the PC.

It is possible to connect both models to Box Expander modules.

50Hz GPS receiver: the only lap timer in the world with a revolutionary 50Hz GPS receiver; detecting the position 50 times per second . The Start Next is able to calculate lap times and draw trajectories with extreme accuracy.

Touch Screen: say goodbye to uncomfortable buttons, Start is equipped with a touch screen with “Gloves Sensitive” technology that allows use even with gloves. The touch screen makes using the Start Next simple and intuitive thanks to the icon menu.

3 split times: It is able to manage and record up to three split times.

Split time improvement led: thanks to the pre-set intermediates, a led will warn you if you are improving your lap time, both at finish line and intermediates

Ideal time: setting the split times you can check your ideal time calculated by adding all the best split times.

Predictive time: from the third lap you can see the predicted time instead of the usual rolling time.

Lean angle: thanks to a sophisticated algorithm you can view your lean angle for any turn without install any extra sensor or accessory on the bike.

Data acquistion: Start Next allows the attainment of trajectories and speed count through gps. Using the optional expansion module it is also possible to obtain up to 9 analogical and 3 digital channels.

Data analysis software: RacePro is the latest state-of-the-art analytical software designed for Start Next, you can analyse the path and the performance for every single curve and also analyse all the analogical and digital channels connected to the lap timer.





• 50Hz GPS receiver
• Touch screen with “Gloves Sensitive” technology
• 1/100s precision
• Management of up to 3 split times
• GPS speed visualisation
• Ideal time
• Predicted time visualization in 2 different modes
• Delay/gain time compared to the best lap
• Internal triaxial accelerometer (only Next version)
• 5 visualisation screens (only Next version)
• Storage of values per lap and absolute best
• Storage of the trajectories (only Next version)
• Lean angle calculation by software RacePro (only Next version)
• Internal memory storage
• “Best Lap” Led/best split time/maximum RPM led/temperature warning led
• 2 engine meters
• 2 odometers
• Retrieval of up to 9 analogue channels and 3 digital channels (only Next version)
• 50Hz sampling of the connected channels (only Next version)
• Inserted gear indicator (optional, only Next version)
• Acceleration races mode
• Point to point races mode (eg Rally)
• Total session visualization (eg Motocross)
• Workbench mode for static recording (only Next version)
• Automatic circuit recognition
• Global circuits database
• Wi-Fi data download (only Next version)
• PC set-up of a new circuit
• PC software for data analysis
• Integrated lithium battery
• Optional external battery connection (only Next version)
• Automatic shut down
• Back light
• Anti-impact container
• Water resistant
• Size: 85,6×70,5×27,6mm

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